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Popular Rent-A-Ramp Questions

What is BHA Rent-A-Ramp?

We provide a fully equiped, self service garage for the trade and public to carry out their own vehicle repairs. We provide a well lit and safe working environment with a heavy enphasis on health and saftey.

Where is BHA Rent-A-Ramp?

We are based in Oldham near Manchester. We are directley opposite the Royal Oldham hospital.

Do you need to be a professional mechanic?

Nope, our ramps are available to members of the public, car enthusiasts, mechanics and anyone who fancies a tinker.

How long can we rent the ramps for?

You can book a ramp anywhere from 1 hour to 1 month.

Do I need previous experience to work on my vehicle at BHA Rent-A-Ramp?

Yes, we do ask that you have some experience working on vehicles. Or at least you have a clear understanding of what task(s) you will be carrying out and of how to use basic tools.

I have no previous car knowledge but would like to bring a mechanic with me, is this possible?

Yes, you are welcome to bring up to 2 guests.  

Do you have on-site mechanics?

We have our own mechanics on site. Our mechanics are available to give advice and lend a hand if you’re unsure about something. If you get really stuck, they will jump in and take over. in which case we will charge at our usual rate of £50 per hour.

Are there any tools in the bays for me to use?

Yes! All bays have basic tools, you can find a full list of the tools we have here 

What is the most weight the ramps can lift?

Our ramps can lift up to 4.2 TONs.

What types of cars can use the ramps?

We can accomodate all cars big or small, high or low. Most vans can also use the ramps… all excluding luton sized.

How big are the bays?

Approximately 8 metres long by 5 metres wide.

Can I bring my own tools?


What tasks can I carry out?

You can carry out any task that you are capable of executing. Excluding… (see next question)

What tasks can I not carry out?

Spray painting, Working on fuel tanks or anything that will cause a nuisance or endanger property or other people.

Can I bring my van?

Yes you can bring your van. Our bays can accommodate all vans excluding luton vans.

How do I book a ramp?

Book here (link)

How do I pay?

You pay when booking your desired date and time on the booking system on our website.

What do I need to bring with me?

As well as appropriate work wear i.e steel toe boots, you must also bring photo ID and a £50 deposit. 

Can I bring my mate with me?

Yes, you can bring up to 2 guests. When booking,  just add your guests and our system will take you to a page where you can add your guests details. Please make sure you fill out your guests details before arrival.

What time do you open and close?

We open at 8am and close at 5pm Monday – Friday

What if I have not finished the work on my vehicle and my time is up?

If you need longer to work on your vehicle you can book the ramp out again, however, if the ramp has a booking straight after you, we will have to keep to the scheduled time. You can wait for another ramp to come available or If it’s more convenient, you can leave your vehicle here in our storage area and come back at a later date.  

I really want to bring my vehicle to work on it, but it doesn't work at all. I have no way of getting it there.

No problem, we can arrange collection of your vehicle at our standard recovery rate. We also have on-site storage available, should you wish to keep your vehicle until you next book in with us. 

Do you have on-site car storage available?

Yes, you can leave your vehicle on-site and we can bring it out on your next visit. Please contact our friendly team for more information.

I’d love to come and work on my vehicle, but live too far away!

We have thought about this… BHA provides on-site accommodation, it really doesn’t get much better. We have three large rooms available… each room sleeps three people and have private bathrooms, brew facilities, TV and WIFI. Breakfast can be included at an additional cost. 

Do you sell parts?

Yes, we have 1000’s of used car parts on-site. We also offer a parts ordering service at standard retail prices for new parts. Tell us your vehicle Reg and what parts you require and we’ll have them in for when you arrive. (One hour notice needed) please contact our friendly team for further details. 

How do I modify or cancel my booking

Our booking system allows you to modify or cancel your booking yourself. On your invoice you will see an “Edit this booking” link. By clicking this link you will be taken to an edit booking screen… here you can change the booking date, extend your booking, add additional extras or cancel your booking if you wish. Charges may apply if canceled less than 7 days prior to your booking. customers will not be able to modify or cancel their booking from 2 days prior to their booking. 

How to cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking simply log into your checkfront member login area and click on the cancel booking link beneath the reservation status. 

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